Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NBA PLAYOFFS GAME 2 April 22 2015 and Scott Brooks you're FIRED!

Nets play the Hawks-game 2 tonight. BK trying to even the series 1-1 against the Hawks but we will see. I hope so. Blazers play the Grizzlies.The Grizzlies trying to beat the Blazers 2-0. Afflalo is questionable to play  tonight. I want the Grizzlies to win this series.Clippers play the Spurs. Clippers will try to beat the Spurs 2-0. And in other news today OKC fired Scott Brooks after seven seasons. That's not good. He's a great coach. I expect some major changes in OKC coming up. Stay tuned. Hint-KD might be outta there!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


It's that time again fans. The time we B-ball fanatics have all been waiting for.  Playoffs Baby!!! Here are my Annual NBA playoff predictions. You ready; well here it is. H-Town Stand up!!! The Rockets will win the series over the Mavericks 4-2. Next series Wizards vs.Raptors. My prediction is the Wizards will beat the Raptors 4-3. John Wall and Kyle Lowry going at it! Great PG match-up.  Come on Paul Pierce, show them what a veteran champion does!!!

 Next up, Spurs vs. Clippers. This going to be a great series.Clippers will win the series 4-3. CP3, Tony Parker and Timmy future hall of  famers going at it. Who do you guys think will win the playoffs Spurs or Clippers?  Next up; Celtics vs. Cavs. My prediction, Cavs will beat the Celtics 4-1. Kyrie will show up against the Celtics. Although the season series was 2-2, the Cavs won't have a problem with the Celts.

The Nets vs. Hawks; I know you might think I'm bugging out but BK ALL DAY EVERYDAY !!!!!!!!!!! Nets will win the series 4-3. Hawks will show up with Jeff Teague, AL Horford and Paul Millsap. Can't forget about Kyle Korver.But D-Will and Joe Cool will take the Nets to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.Thad Young will show out too.

The Bulls play the Bucks. My prediction is the Bulls will win 4-0.Lets pray that D-Rose will stay healthy and Jimmy Butler proves he's a legit all-star.
The Blazers play the Grizzlies.Grizzlies 4-3. This will be a great match-up between L.A. and Z-Bo but he Grizz in the "Grind House" are hard to beat. Let's go Grizz!!

Pelicans and the Warriors. My prediction is the Warriors will win 4-1. I believe A.D. and the Pels can get 1 win in the "Big Easy".

The Playoffs are here.  EVERYBODY UP UP UP UP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lets' go.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

NBA GAMES April 8 2015

Today the Rockets play the Spurs.I hope the Rockets win back to back in Houston and San Antonio but we will see.Today the Pacers play the Knicks.PG-13 is trying get the Pacers to the playoff spot in the eighth seed. Come on Pacers get a win tonight and sweep the Knicks 4-0 series.Today the Bulls play the Magic and guess what D-Rose is back and he's playing tonight.Great news for the Bulls.The Nets play the Hawks. The rematch from last Saturday's game when the Nets got dogged by the Hawks 99-131. Come on Nets you owe the Hawks a beat down this time and don't get swept by the Hawks PLEASE- 4-0 for the season. The Pelicans play the Grizzlies.The Pelicans are trying to stay in the eighth seed by getting the win tonight against the Grizzlies. I want the Grizzlies to win. The Cavaliers play the Bucks. That's a good game and  I want the Bucks to win; Lebron is gonna show up but stop the Bucks can stop him.