Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NBA GAMES December 23, 2015

Today the Celtics play the Hornets. I'm going for the Hornets to win.The Knicks play the Cavs. Melo and Lebron going at it.LET'S GO KNICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Kings play the Pacers. Rudy Gay and PG-13 going at it that's a great matchup.The Rockets play the Magic.That's good game Harden and Oladipo.  H-Town all day. The Grizzlies play the Wizards.Wizards get this win.The Mavs play the Nets. D-Will going against his former team but he has a left hamstring injury and  is questionable to play tonight. That's ok BK is going to get this win anyway even if D-Will plays or not we will see.The Pistons play the Hawks. Last time the Pistons beat the Hawks in the season opener 106-94 so the Hawks owe them a beatdown.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

NBA GAMES December 16, 2015

Today the Mavs play the Pacers. It's the first meeting between the Mavs and Pacers. The Heat play the Nets. LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Timberwolves play the Knicks.  KG and Melo going at it. The 76ers play the Hawks.The 76ers have 1-25 record. Come on Philly, my hometown come end the seven game losing streak and 2-25 we will see.The Grizzlies play the Bulls. Marc and Pau Gasol bothers going at it. Let's go Bulls. But what's all this talk about Rose?  HUH? I can't hear you. Don't nobody talk about my D-Rose. The Suns play the Warriors. Last Saturday the Bucks ended the Warriors 28 game winning streak and the Warriors will turn things around to go on another 28 game winning streak. Come on Warriors. Show them what you working with!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NBA GAMES December 9, 2015

What's up, my Slam Fans. Today the Bulls are playing the Celtics. LET'S GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!! The Heat play the Hornets.  Kemba and D-Wade are going at it. I'm going for the Hornets. The H-Town Rockets play the Wizards. Rockets need this win with last night's loss to the Nets 110-105. Ariza will not be playing tonight. He has a bruised lower back. The Spurs play the Raptors. I'm going for the Raptor. The Clippers play the Bucks. I'm going for the Lob City Clipps. Can Lob City get this win tonight? We will see.  And the Hawks play the Mavs.  I'm going for the Mavs. And that's today's NBA Line Up-BTW-The Warriors are out of control. I don't know what they feeding them over there in Oakland, but boy oh boy they are doing Incredible! I think I will nick-name them The Incredibles! Peace out Fans!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NBA GAMES December 2, 2015

Hi NBA Fanatics~How's everyone doing in the NBA World?

Today the Warriors play the Hornets. The Hornets will play without Big Al. He's out  for 2-3 weeks with a strained left calf. So with that in mind I think Warriors will win 20-0 tonight.

The Raptors play the Hawks. Lowry and Teague going at it. That's a great matchup~ DeMarre Carroll going against his former team. I'm going for Raptors. Who do you think going to win?  Hopefully tonight the Wizards will have a two game winning streak. Let's go WIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The Lakers play the Wizards. Kobe's last trip to Washington and to retire after this season. It was sad to see him say goodbye to his hometown last night, Philadelphia. I almost shed a tear. It's a different world without the Mamba.

The Pelicans play the Rockets. Harden and AD come on H-Town get this win Harden show up against Pelicans we will see. LET'S GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Pacers play the Clippers. PG and CP3 going at it but CP3 is questionable to play with a rib injury. Will the Clippers win or nah? I say yeah but we will see. That all folks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NBA GAMES November 18 2015

Today the Blazers play the Rockets and today the Rockets fired Kevin McHale. That sucks J.B. Bickerstaff will take over as interim head coach. The Blazers have a six game losing streak and the Rockets have a four game losing streak. Whose going to break first? I think the Rockets will win and end a four game losing streak tonight. Let's see if losing Mchale makes the difference. We shall see. Lets go ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.The Nets play the Hornets.They playing right now in fact. I think the Nets will win again and get a two game winning streak. The Mavs play the Celtics I'm going for the Mavs and I think the Mavs will win and get a five game winning streak.The Pelicans play the OKC. No AD and no KD I'm going for OKC come on Russ show your stuff. The Bulls play the Suns. Thats a good game D-Rose its not playing though, he has a sprained left ankle but still I think the Bulls will win and get a four game winning streak without D-Rose.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

NBA GAMES November 11 2015

Today the Warriors play the Grizzlies.That's going to be a great game. Last time Warriors smashed the Grizzlies 119-69.I hope the Grizzlies can beat the Warriors and give them the first loss of the season.Not that I have anything against the Warriors, I just want to see who can break the undefeated team this season.The Clippers play the Mavs. CP3 and Dirk are going at it but I'm going for the Lob City Clips. I think the Clippers will win this one.The Pelicans play the Hawks but no AD. I hope they won't get swept by the Hawks 2-0.The Nets play the Rockets. BK is 0-7 What's going on BK? I'm going for both of them because BK needs a W and H-town is my hometeam. I'm happy either way. The Spurs play the Blazers.LA going against his former team. Do you think the Blazers fans will boo him or nah? I say nah. But who knows. I'm going for the Blazers either way.NBA GAMES Starts NOW!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2015


Whats Up B-Ball fanatics!!  Friday night is here and we have some good match-ups ahead. First up the ATL Hawks play the  N.O. Pelicans.  Good game. The Hawks are 5-1 and the Pelicans 0-4. I'm rooting for AD and the Pels to get their first win of the season.

 The Heat and the Pacers. A few years ago this was a real big game (Remember how Granger hated LBJ). I think the Pacers will pull this out and have a three game winning streak.  PG-13 against D-Wade. Let's see what happens.

The Bucks play the Knicks. Rematch Time. Last time they met, the Knicks dogged the Bucks in season opener 122-97. That was without the "Greek Freak" (1 game suspension from last year). I'm going for the NYC Knickerbockers!!

  The Lakers play the Nets in BK. 2 defeated teams; LA 0-4, BK 0-5, Got to go with my boys!!!! BK will get the first win of the season. Let's Go BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, the H-Town Rockets play the Sac-Town Kings with no D-12, Beverley and T-Jones. I really hope "Boogie" Cousins doesn't play. If he does; B-BQ Chicken Buffet!!  I think the Rockets will win and continue their win streak of 3 games.  Peace, I'm out!!!

Monday, October 26, 2015

2015-2016 NBA Playoff Predictions this season

Hey guys. I'm bAaaaack!!! Tomorrow is the regular season and the Cavs play the Bulls. That's a great game. D-Rose wearing the mask again but he's back and that's all that matters. I think he will have a great game but Lebron is HEEEERE! My prediction is the Bulls will win the first regular season matchup tomorrow. Ya'll ready? Mark your calendars. Nba season is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hyped. I've been waiting all summer for this. The Pelicans play the defending champs the Warriors in a rematch of the 1st round when they got swept by the Warriors 4-0.Chef Curry, AD will be cookin and he like's Curry Chicken. I think the Warriors will seal it but a silent weapon is Nate Robinson. Will the Vet bring it back for the Peli Pel's. Here are my 2015-2016 NBA Playoff predictions. Ya'll ready. Here it go Western Conference and Eastern Conference West 1.Spurs 2.Warriors 3.Clippers 4.Rockets 5.Thunder 6.Grizzlies 7.Pelicans 8.Blazers East 1.Cavs 2.Bulls 3.Hawks 4.Heat 5.Wizards 6.Bucks 7.Pacers 8.Nets. Those are my playoff prediction. Let's see. What are  your predictions? Who do you see in the finals? See ya later guys!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

NBA Preseason 2015-2016

The Hawks beat the Cavs 98-96 in the NBA Preseason. That was a great game! Hawks' Teague showed up and showed out, with 17 points while Lebron lingered with just 8 points. It's all good. We startin slow. The Mavericks play the Rockets in Houston today. Is Harden gonna get the MVP this season? I hope so. Word has it, he should've gotten in last year...but you ain't heard that from me. We'll see if he makes it this year. The OKC play the Timberwolves. KD and KG! The two K's go head up. I'm excited about KG back playing again this season (you know he's my favorite playa from the himalaya's) and KD is back too. Will KD stay with OKC this year or will he transition himself to his hometown, the D to the C joining the all time best PG JOHN WAAAAasaaaaallllllll. For now, let's just focus on making the playoffs, OKC.The Kings play the Suns. The Kings have Rondo, Casspi, Belinelli, and Seth Curry. That's a good lineup for the Kings.  I got my eye on you, Sacramento. It's almost NBA Regular Season ya'll. Three weeks left. Let's Go!!!!!!!!!!! but I'll see guys next time when the NBA Regular Season starts.
ARE YOU ReadddDDDDYYYY!!!!!! Stay tuned for my next blog for all the NBA hot topics.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NBA SEASON 2015-16

What's up all my PEEEPOLE!!! The NBA season is almost here. It has been too long of a wait. I NEED MY B-Ball!!! The preseason starts October 2 with the Clippers versus the Denver Nuggets in Los Angeles. Will Pierce, Lance, Josh, and Prigioni make their Clipps debut? Lets see what they do.

There is so much to wait for. As far as my prediction for MVP, James Harden will bring home the hardware in 2015-16. I'm confident the "Beard" will get it. Write it down!

Will KD help the Thunder get back to the playoffs this season? I think so. Will my 'BK' Nets make the playoffs?

Will D-Rose stay healthy this season and play all 82 games? NBA season is almost here. I can't wait. LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'll see you at tip-off!! PEACE!!.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Updates and signs

What's up all my "Slam" fans. I know I have been missing for a while. I been on summer vacation.I'm back and so is the NBA. Almost.But Slam fans we got something to get a little excited about. Today the 2015-16 NBA Schedule will be released on NBA TV at 5pm.Yes baabay!!! A little something to get hyped up about.Who's will play Opening night? What about  Christmas day? Will it be the Warriors and Cavs? Maybe the Clipps and Mavs. Can't wait to see DeAndre play in Dallas. BOO BOO  BOO!!! Can't forget MLK Day on ESPN. we will see all this later tonight

There were a few free agency moves that are very interesting to me.One of them is Richard Jefferson to the Cavs.I think that's a good pick up for Cleveland. "RJ" will get important minutes behind Lebron. He's still a good defender. I'm sure Cavs fans will be happy to have him.

Jeremy Lin is on the Hornets with Kemba and Big AL.That should be good for them.You think they will be in the Playoff hunt? Maybe.

Chuck Hayes is going back to H-Town.  I'm happy he's back in Houston.I always liked the "Chuck Wagon".  Lets go Rockets. Can't forget Ty Lawson to the Rockets. Lawson will be taking  Patrick Beverley's starting spot. I think Lawson will have a great season with the Rockets.As long as he doesn't get any more DUEY's (DUI's).

Monta Ellis is going to the Pacers. Can't wait to see him get busy with PG-13. That should help the Pacers make the playoffs. We will see.

See you on the Blacktop! PEACE!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Alot of  new moves going around in the NBA this free agency season. The craziest has to be the De'Andre Jordan situation. The Mavs just went from a playoff contending Team to a possible lottery team. "What duh!!'' I guess the Clipps got to Jordan's house first. WOW!!!

In other free agency moves, Mo Williams is going back to the Cavs. I'm sure Lebron is pleased. They have some history and did a lot of good things when they played together before.

David Lee got traded to Celtics for Gerald "Crash" Wallace. Crash is happy he is going to the Defending Champs Warriors with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. I'm putting my money on the Warriors to do it again.

Aaron Brooks returning to the Bulls next season on a one year deal. Wonder if the Bulls gonna make the playoffs next season without "Thibs" as head coach. Fred Hoiberg is a good replacement but we will see how good they will be in his first year. I think they will make the playoffs.

D-West going to the Spurs with Timmy, Lamarcus Aldridge (L.A.), Tony Parker and Ginobili.  That will be a great team next season. They are gearing up to go against the Warriors. D-West will be good with the Spurs. I'm sure L.A. is happy to be in his homestate Texas.

Today Wes Johnson going to the Clippers. Thats good he's going to a good team and he doesn't have to move. :) Wes Johnson will come off the bench behind Pierce who's in the starting for the Clippers (maybe).

There are still a lot of key players that have not signed yet. (Josh Smith, J.R. Smith, Carlos Boozer,etc.) There is a lot more to come. Get your popcorn ready!!!

THIS JUST IN, Lebron signs a 2-year $48 mil. with the option to opt out at the end of the season to stay with the Cavs. We will see the first $200 million dollar contract next season!!!

Catch on the Rebound!!! PEACE

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Today the Warriors play the Cavs.  It's "do or die" time Cavs!! Let's get this win in Game 6 and force a Game 7 on Friday. If there is a game 7, I'm putting my money on the "King". This will be the first Championship for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Lebron is going to show up tonight against the Warriors. If the Warriors win, it's over. Not only that, no NBA basketball until October. "NOOOOO!!!!  LETS GO CAVS!!! EVERYBODY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been a great finals. It will be even better if the Cavs can force a Game 7. Then I can celebrate my birthday, at one of my favorite restaurants and watch Game 7 with my family. We will see. Regardless, I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


The Cavs play the Warriors in Cleveland. Can the Cavs get another win without Kyrie like on Sunday. Pretty close games.The Cavs beat the Warriors in overtime 95-93. Dellavedova needs to stop Steph  hard again in game 3.  Come on Cavs win the first Championship. We will see. EVERYBODY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO CAVS!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


The Cavs play the Warriors on Thursday. I believe the Cavs will win 4-3 over the Warriors. Lebron and Steph  both MVP candiates but only one returning finals champion. Cavs need to be aware of the Splash Brothers because they will be in full effect. Kyrie has to guard Steph and hopefully no one's ankles will get broke.  Cavs will win the title and beat the Warriors in 7 but we will see. Let's see if my prediction will be right. I've been struggling lately. ARE YOU READY FOR THE NBA FINALS, IF YOU AIN'T UP, it's time EVERYBODY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Showdown on fight night-Thursday night. Will Lebron get his third Championship and bring it to his home. Let's GOOOOOOO!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Western Conference Finals

Today the Rockets play the Warriors.Rockets must win so they can continue to advance to the finals. Come on James Harden show up again against the Warriors and stop Steph Curry like last Monday. Never been done before but there's a first for everything.LETS GO ROCKETS EVERYBODY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Cavs are in the NBA Finals and awaiting to play the Warriors or Rockets. I say the Rockets will play the Cavs in the NBA Finals next Thursday. Words bring power and I believe they are going to be the first in NBA history to come from a 3-0 lead. I will see you guys next week with NBA Finals Prediction. Warriors or the Rockets. Have a great day!