Monday, March 30, 2015

NBA GAMES March 30 2015

Tonight the Rockets play the Raptors. A great East-West match-up That's gonna be a good game!!! Come on Rockets win tonight. We need to keep the number 2 playoff spot. We will see what the "Beard" will do.

Another good game tonight will be the "Young" Bucks against the ATL Hawks. Hawks are looking to get a win at home tonight against the Bucks. although I like the Bucks young and athletic team, I think the Hawks will pull it out.

The Blazers play the Suns again, a re-match from last Friday.  The Blazers won 87-81 last time. Will they win again in Portland?  If so the Blazers will win the season series 3-1.

The Celtics play the Hornets.  The Hornets will try to beat the Celtics and get a playoff spot.  Actually thay both need wins to try and keep there playoff hopes alive. We will see.

Another West coast battle tonight is the Kings and the Grizzlies.  The Grizzlies will end their 3 game losing streak tonight. They better!!!

The Lakers play the 76ers. This is a old school rivalry game. I wish they were both good teams. I need my  hometown Sixers to get a win. The last time the 76ers loss to the Lakers 87-101 on March 22nd. Lets get this win Illadelph!!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NBA GAMES Countdown to the Playoffs

The Pacers play the Bulls Tonight.The rivals don't like each together which makes for an excellent game. I love when they go hard and fight but I think the Bulls will win.The Hawks play the Warriors.The two best teams going at it tonight.But the Warriors got this BaaaAAAABAAAY.  Klay Thompson has a hurts right ankle and will be out 7-10 days. Thats gonna be hard but the Warriors will still beat The Hawks in Golden State. The got the secret seasoning sauce-Steph Curry. The Nets play the Cavs. Nets are trying to make the playoff race. Nets will try to beat the Cavs but this will be a hard one because somebody has to stop Lebron and Kyrie. COME ON BK!!!!!!!!!! Win this game and they will have a three game winning streak. Spurs play the Bucks.The Blazers play the Heat-Damian Lillard and D-Wade, thats a good matchup. Blazers gonna win tho, That Lillard kid ain't on the cover of SLAM magazine for no reason. Fit it or quit it!!! The countdown begins.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NBA GAMES March 11 2015


Today the Clippers play the OKC. Russell Westbrook and CP3 great point guard matchup I think OKC will win against the Clippers.


The Rockets play the Blazers.James Harden and Damian Lillard  great matchup but no Wes Matthews.  He got injured tearing his left Achilles-bad news for the Blazers fans and he's out for the season. SORRY Wes Matthews see you next season and stay healthy. SO whose gonna stop James Harden without Matthews?  UUUuuuh, NO ONE!

The Nets play the Heat today.Nets are not in the Playoffs but they have a chance if they beat the Heat. COME ON BK! The Kings play the Hornets.Hornets are trying to make the playoffs this year; they're in the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference and Kemba Walker is back in the lineup.

The Hawks play the Nuggets.I think the Hawks will have a two game winning streak tonight and with 51 wins and 13 losses this season, whose going against me. The Grizzlies play the Celtics. Jeff Green is going against his former team. Grizzlies will have a two game winning streak tonight.The Warriors play the Pistons.The Warriors will have a five game winning streak I think so, cuz THIS IS MY BLOG. See you guys PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NBA GAMES TODAY March 4, 2015

Tonight the Knicks play the Pacers. I think the Knicks will try to win against the Pacers because they've been playing inspiring basketball because they no longer have their superstar. The Hornets play the Nets; Lance Stephenson is going against his hometown Brooklyn. The Nets will beat the Hornets in BK-bet money on that. BK needs to start winning in order to stay in the playoff race. C'mon Jarred Jack AKA JJ; hit that game winner. The Cavaliers play the Raptors in Toronto.That's a great game. Lowry's out. Might be an easy win for the Cavs. The Blazers play the Clippers. Damian Lillard and Chris Paul great point guard matchup. I think the Clippers will win. The Rockets play the Grizzlies.I'm trying to get tickets to this game. I'll keep you posted. Let's GO!