Sunday, February 21, 2016


The Nuggets traded Randy Foye to OKC for D.J Augustin and Novak. I think that's good for OKC to get Foye playing with KD and Russ.Clippers trade Lance Stephenson to Grizzlies for Jeff Green. I think Jeff Green will be good with Lob City Clipps with old teamates Pierce and Coach Doc again and that's good for the Grizzlies to get Lance. Grizzlies got a good squad quiet as kept and I hope Lance will put it to work. Suns trade Markieff Morris to the Wizards for Kris Humphries and DeJuan Blair. I hope they can make the playoffs with him but they in 10th in the Eastern Conference as it is. Rockets traded Marcus Thornton and Motiejunas to Pistons for Joel Anthony. I'm kind of upset they got rid of Thornton and Motiejunas. Hopefully this will secure their spot in the playoffs.76ers get Joel Anthony from the Rockets. Hawks traded Shelvin Mack to the Jazz and the Bulls traded Kirk Hinrich to the Hawks for Justin Holiday. Magic traded Channing Frye to Cavs for Anderson Varejao. Pelicans get Jarnell Stokes.Grizzlies traded Courtney Lee to the Hornets for P.J. Hairston and Birdman Chris Anderson and the Blazers get Brian Roberts from the Heat. Pistons traded Brandon Jennings and Ilyasova to the Magic for Tobias Harris. Awww man Brandon. Let's see what he does with the Magic. Let's GO!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NBA GAMES February 10 2016

Today the Hornets play the Pacers. Kemba going at it with PG. Pacers!  The Spurs play the Magic.Come on Oladipo show up and show out. Magic will get this win.The Kings play the 76ers.Come on my hometown get this win.The Clippers play the Celtics.That's a good game. I'm going for the Clippers.The Grizzlies play the Nets. Come on BK get this win.LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NOPE!

The Rockets play the Blazers.Hopefully the Rockets can end their two game losing streak

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

NBA GAMES February 3 2016

Today the Cavs play the Hornets. I'm hoping the Hornets will beat the Cavs.The Hawks play the 76ers. Come on 76ers. Act like you care.The Pistons play the Celtics. The Pacers play the Nets. You know who I'm going for. LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Warriors play the Wizards.Now that's a really good game come on Wizards. I like the Warriors but it's time for some COMP here. And finally the Heat play the Mavs. Mavs all day baby!.............................I hope. LOL!