Thursday, January 29, 2015

NBA Marquee match ups 1/28/15

Last night the Blazers played the Cavaliers. What I thought would be a great point guard match up turned out to be a game that made NBA history. Kyrie Irving put on and unbelievable performance by scoring 55 points, making 11 3's. HE WAS ON FIYA!!!!! I predicted the Blazers to win. Although L.A. (LaMarcus Aldridge) had an All-Star performance with 38 points and 11 rebounds, "Uncle Drew" could not be stopped. Even LeBron was buggin' out on the bench looking at the Kyrie heatstroke. UNBELIEVABLE PERFORMANCE!!!    The CAVS 94-99.

In last night other games, the H-Town Rockets beat the Mavs again this season, 99-94, making there match-up with former team mate and new "junk talker" Chandler Parsons 2-0. Now whose the better city Chandler. Maybe you should have stayed. Now Harden gets to put you on the dance floor pretty boy.

Lastly, my BK Nets could not end the "BEASTING" Hawks win streak. I don't feel to bad because no one has in the last 17 games.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Today the OKC plays the Wizards.Who do you think will win Wizards or OKC?As much as I like OKC, I think the Wizards will win. Today the Pacers play the Hawks.I think the Hawks will get their 14 game winning streak.Today the rematch from last week Rockets play the Warriors.The Rockets will try to beat the Warriors this time in Golden State tonight. Also the Nets play the Kings, Stay tuned for the beard.

Friday, January 16, 2015

NBA 2k15

Have all you NBA fans played NBA 2K15? If you have'nt, you are missing a really great video game. One of the best things added this year is Ernie Johnson and Shaq on 2KTV.  NBA 2K15 is better than last years 2K; I guess it should. The graphics are amazing!! I love this game because of 2KTV, the online ranked matches, the quick game mode, My Career, My League, My GYM, Blacktop, EVERYTHING IS DOPE!!! NBA 2K15 is the best 2K game ever. What do you think? What is your favorite newest addition? What do you think about the graphics.  NBA 2K15 or NBA Live? Oh, my bad!! I forgot. No competition.  Peace!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nba Games

Guess who had 52 points yesterday in the Timberwolves game against the Pacers? MO WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!.Mo Williams KILLED against the Pacers yesterday helping the Timberwolves end the fifteen game losing streak.Today the Hornets play the Spurs.Guess who is coming back with the Hornets LANCE STEPHENSON!!!!!!!! I'm happy he's back.Come on Hornets get a six game winning streak today. Today the Grizzlies play my good ole BK Nets but without KG, IDK. He got suspended for one game  for the fight he had with D12. That crazy came out, boy. Come on KG, you better then that. Today the Wizards play the Bulls.That's a great matchup. Who do you guys think will win? I think the Bulls got this.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NBA Games, Trades and Top 5

Happy New Year NBA FAN Fam!!!! Hope you enjoyed your holidays. Lots of games lined up tonight but first off today the Cavaliers play the Rockets. I don't know about you, but since Josh Smith joined the team the Rockets have been losing quite a bit. They look like they have a good connection but I'm worried that Smith is bringing that losing energy to this dynamic team. What do you think about Smith coming to the Rockets? Speaking of Smith's and the Rockets-JR Smith got traded to the Cavs and he's playing toNIGHT! Not a big deal but something to watch. Let's see how these Smith's handle themselves. How do you think the Smiths' energy will impact their teams? We know Smith and D-12 used to play together in AAU but it's been a long time since then.But what about JR and Kyrie. Do you think this will pan out? Other games tonight-Knicks and the Wizards(John Wall baby), Bulls and Jazz all starting at 7:00EST/6:00CST.

 In other news, I've been hearing a lot of buzz about TOP 5 since the movie has come out. I don't know why 5 but in respect for the movie, my current NBA top 5 is John Wall, Steph Curry, KG,  James Harden and Kevin Durant. So my peoples name your CURRENT NBA top 5? Speaking of which the Pacers play the Warriors tonight. Watch how the Splash Brother #1 does his thing. Stay tuned tonight at 10:30EST/9:30CST/7:30MST