Thursday, January 29, 2015

NBA Marquee match ups 1/28/15

Last night the Blazers played the Cavaliers. What I thought would be a great point guard match up turned out to be a game that made NBA history. Kyrie Irving put on and unbelievable performance by scoring 55 points, making 11 3's. HE WAS ON FIYA!!!!! I predicted the Blazers to win. Although L.A. (LaMarcus Aldridge) had an All-Star performance with 38 points and 11 rebounds, "Uncle Drew" could not be stopped. Even LeBron was buggin' out on the bench looking at the Kyrie heatstroke. UNBELIEVABLE PERFORMANCE!!!    The CAVS 94-99.

In last night other games, the H-Town Rockets beat the Mavs again this season, 99-94, making there match-up with former team mate and new "junk talker" Chandler Parsons 2-0. Now whose the better city Chandler. Maybe you should have stayed. Now Harden gets to put you on the dance floor pretty boy.

Lastly, my BK Nets could not end the "BEASTING" Hawks win streak. I don't feel to bad because no one has in the last 17 games.


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