Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NBA GAMES December 14 2016

Christmas is almost coming up.Today the Raptors play 76ers.That's kind of a good game my prediction is 76ers will win.The Hornets play the Wizards.That's a great game Kemba and Wall going at it and my prediction is Wizards will win.The Clippers play Magic.Clippers will win.The Pacers play Heat.That's a good game my prediction is Pacers will win and finally theThe Cavs play Grizzlies.LBJ, Kyrie and Love are resting but Marc isn't. LOL!  Still a great game my prediction is Grizzlies will win at least they should.The Kings play the Rockets. Come on yall all ready know the Rocket will get that eight game winning streak tonight. LET'S GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys I'll see you after Christmas and New Year's Eve come check my blog soon. Leave a comment about your NBA season predictions or favs. PEACE!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NBA GAMES November 30, 2016

Guys I'm back with Nba games after a Thanksgiving break Let's go!

Today the Kings play the 76ers.That's an alright game come on 76ers get this win. We will see.The Pistons play the Celtics.That's a good game my prediction is Celtics will win.The Grizzlies play Raptors.That's a great game Marc and DeRozan going at it my prediction is Grizzlies will win.The Wizards play OKC.Wall and Westbrook going at it and my prediction is OKC will win we will see.The Knicks play Timberwolves.That's a good game Knicks play Timberwolves again on Friday in New York play back to back against the Timberwolves my prediction is Knicks will win.The Pacers play Blazers.That's good game but no PG has a ankle injury my prediction is Pacers will win. Who got money on my predictions? Put it up!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

NBA GAMES November 16 2016

B-ball is back and the two best records is the Lob City Clipps and of course the reigning champion The Cavs.Today the Wizards play the 76ers. The Cavs play the Pacers.LBJ and PG going at it my prediction is Pacers will win. And that's  what happened but a lil unfair since LBJ was resting. The Rockets play OKC.That's a great game Russ West and Harden going at it and my prediction is Rockets will win but that did not happen. OKC beat Harden and the boys. come on my team get a two game winning streak we will see.The Warriors play Raptors. My prediction is Warriors will win.The Grizzlies play Clippers.Cp3 and Marc going at it my prediction is Clippers will win we will see. Let's go B-BALL FAN!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

NBA Predictions 2016-2017

NBA season is BAAAAAAack! Yesterday we watched the Knicks and Cavs and Spurs and Warriors. Cavs dogged the Knicks 117-88 and Spurs dogged the Warriors 129-100. UH oh is that a highlight of the finals Cavs and Spurs. IDK maybe. Spurs looking pretty good without Timmy. You guys ready for Nba Playoff Predictions in the Eastern Conference. Here it go 1.Cavs 2.Raptors 3.Pacers 4.Bulls 5.Knicks 6.Celtics 7.Pistons 8.Hawks

Western Conference 1.Warriors 2.Spurs 3.Clippers 4.Blazers 5.Grizzlies 6.Rockets 7.Jazz 8.Timberwolves These are my predictions this season and I am sticking to it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


SOOoooooooooo.......what had happened was. My left hook ain't as good as my right hook so when they switch I gotta.....nah, What up guys. That game tho.....DANG!  I'm so unenthusiastic about the remainder of this series. TBH-I'm disgusted with what happened in Game 2. The Warriors didn't beat they SMASHED the Cavs, They are up 2-0 and it's the worst finals ever. The two best teams in the league and the Cavs just aren't showing up.It looks like the Warriors will win back to back championships.Ya think? Warriors and Cavs play today. Curry and Lebron going at it again -1. Kevin Love will not play in game 3 so they need to work extra hard and Lebron will carry it all on his shoulders. Will the Cavs show up in Game 3? Hopefully they don't go to 3-0 because then it will definitely be an early end of the finals.Lebron don't be scared of Iggy just take it to the hole. Let's see what he will do tonight. I'll see you next season Cavs. Or are you gonna show up for game 3? Time will tell.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Rematch of last year's NBA FINALS the Cavs and the Warriors 2016

What's up!!!!! It's the NBA Finals and the Cavs and the Warriors are facing a rematch of last year's NBA Finals. The Warriors beat the Cavs 4-2 but everybody thinks the Warriors will win back to back NBA Champions and honestly, me too.Cavs and Warriors 2016 NBA FINALS begins tomorrow. Curry and Lebron going at it to get a championship. My prediction is the Warriors will win 4-3. LET'S GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'll see you next season. Let's go!!!! Bittersweet but it's the exciting NBA Finals!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

NBA Eastern Conference Finals and Western Conference Finals

What's up again B-Ball fanatics. We are getting closer to the NBA Finals. The Western Conference Finals start tonight.  Will there be a upset? Everybody is going with the NBA favorite Warriors.  Are we counting out OKC? The same Thunder team that just sent the Spurs fishing?  KD and Curry going at it.  I'm going out on a limb; OKC will win the series 4-3.  I called it. You heard it here first!!

Tomorrow we have the Raptors and Cavs. Great series; but too much LeBron. My prediction is the Cavs will win 4-2. Easy.

I hope to see you guys in the NBA Finals.  Until next week. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

NBA Playoffs Second round May 9 2016

What's up my Nba guys. It's the second round! Everybody thinks the Cavs will win the Championship cuz they haven't one a game yet but I think the Warriors will win the Championship again like last year. Sorry!!!!!Raptors and Heat play today. Raptors will have to step up and beat the Heat 3-1 with Kyle and DeRozan to step up.Warriors and Blazers play today.Curry is questionable to play game 4 come with the Blazers They are tied up and the series up 2-1 without Curry. He needs to come back and murder these Blazers but he may just want to save it for the Finals. I'll see you guys in the Eastern and Western Conference Finals next week.   PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chris Webber and OKC and Spurs Game 2 Playoffs Round 2

Chris Webber was going crazy about that offensive foul on Waiters for hitting Ginobili with 13.5 seconds of the OKC and Spurs game.The ref missed the call but it wasn't that serious. I still think OKC would have won regardless. The Spurs were mad because they were losing and didn't get a call. They still had an opportunity after the inbound pass whether it was illegal or not. Sounds to me like Webber had some investment in Spurs. He was pressuring the call way too much. I'm happy they tied the series 1-1. But unhappy about how crazy Webber was for no reason-BAD CALL Webber!

Monday, May 2, 2016


What's up guys? It's the second round in the playoffs. Let's get it started! Hawks and Cavs play today.The rematch of last year's Eastern Conference Finals when Cavs swept the Hawks 4-0. My prediction is Cavs will win 4-1 over the Hawks. OKC and Spurs play today. Right now the Spurs are up 1-0.  KD and Kawhi going at it. My prediction is OKC will win 4-3. Blazers and Warriors play tomorrow.It is Warriors 1-0. My prediction is Warriors will win 4-2. Heat and Raptors play tomorrow. D-Wade and DeRozan going at it. I think the Raptors will win 4-3 over the Heat. I'll see you next week with my predictions in the Eastern and Western Conference Finals.Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

NBA PLAYOFFS GAME 5 April 27 2016

What's up my B-Ball fanatics!  The playoffs started out boring with all the blowouts. Now it's starting to get real interesting. Let's start with last night. The Charlotte Hornets upset the Heat with a buzzer beater from C-C-C-C-Courtney Lee to give them a 3-2 lead.  This was in Miami and now they go back to Charlotte for the close-out. Who would have thunk it?? MJ was hyped!!! Let;s go "BUZZ CITY".

What about the Blazers and Clippers? No CP3; out 4-6 weeks with right hand injury. No Blake Griffin; out for the rest of the season with a left quad injury.  Clippers still win? NOPE. The Blazers beat them to take a 3-2 lead in the series.  How fast things change when injuries occur. If Portland takes care of business at home tomorrow, they will be matched against the defending champs G-State Dubs.

The Dubs took care of the Rockets and sent them on a early fishing trip. The Rockets need to catch some new players.  H-Town was a huge disappointment this season. I still ride with them though. GSW win 4-1, this is without that kid Curry. Curry will be out for 2 weeks with a strained MCL.  Hope it's not more than that.  I think they can beat Portland without him, but will be challenging trying to win the Western Conference.  I cant wait for that OKC vs. San Antonio series.

All we got tonight is the Celtics vs. Hawks. LET'S GO GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll see guys in the second round. 


Monday, April 18, 2016

NBA PLAYOFFS GAME 2 April 18 2016

Pacers and Raptors play in Game 2 today. Come on Pacers go 2-0 over the Raptors that's gonna be a great series. Mavs and OKC play Game 2 today.KD and Russ West will pull out the Mavs 2-0 tonight.Rockets and Warriors play Game .Come on H-Town tied the series 1-1.If Curry doesn't play they may be able to tie the series. He is still questionable. If he plays everybody thinks it's gonna be a sweep accept me. LET'S GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2016


What's up my b-ball fans!  You all know what time it is.  It's NBA Playoffs time. This is the road to the title. Who will be our next NBA champion.  Will it be a repeat for the "DUBS"? Will Lebron finally bring home to Cleveland?  Who knows? But here are my yearly playoff predictions. LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To get started, the Pacers and Raptors battle on Saturday. My Prediction; Pacers will win the series 4-3 over the Raptors.

Next up, the H-Town Rockets play the G-State Warriors.  This is a rematch of last years Western Conference Finals.  I know everybody thinks this is going to be a sweep.  Everybody but me. That's right, I'm going out on a limb.  H-Town will win 4-3 over the Defending Champs.  LET'S GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we have the Celtics and the Hawks.  This will be a great playoff match-up.  The Celts have a tough, young squad that plays great team defense.  A-Town is the veteran team lead by Teague and Milsap.  My prediction:  Celtics win 4-2 over the Hawks.

Let's take a trip to the west. Mavs and OKC.  This will be a easy first round series for KD and Russ West.  Sorry Dirk, you and the Mavs will be riding out quick.  4-1 OKC.

Pistons and Cavs.  I think everyone knows how this will go. Cavs win 4-1.

Hornets and the Heat. This will be a great series. The Hornets are playing really good basketball right now.  My prediction; Hornets 4-3 over the Heat.

The "Grind House" go up against the Spurs. Not too much grinding these days without Marc G. and Conley. Spurs win 4-0 over the Grizzles.

The last series I want to discuss is the Blazers and "Lob City".  This will be one of the better first round bouts.  I do believe CP3 and the Clipps will pull this out. Although Dame and the Blazers will be hard to get rid of.  Clippers win 4-2.

Well my b-ball brothers (and sisters) these are my first round predictions.  See you second round!  LET'S GO , IT'S PLAYOFF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way, did you see the "Mamba" in his last game?  What duhh!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

NBA GAMES April 6 2016

What's up my b-ball fans!!   Just when you thought it would be easy, the Warriors get beat by the Timberwolves in overtime, 124-117.  WHAT!!!  What do you guys think? Warriors have 4 games left this season. Tonight they play the Spurs who look like they are smelling blood. Come on Warriors.  I need you to get to 73 wins.  This will be historical and I have something to debate with my Dad and his rantings about the '96 Bulls. I think the "DUBS" would beat '96 Bulls.  Make history GSW!!!

Last night the Pacers dogged the Cavs (without LBJ of course). Don't matter. it was a big win for the Pacers and PG13.  The Pistons beat the Magic and hold on to the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.  The Nets loss to the Wizards. WHY BK, WHYYYYY!!! My Nets are not in the Playoffs that's sucks.  We will see you next year. LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

In other games; The Pelicans loss to the "HOT" Celtics.  The Hornets beat up on the Knicks, and the  Blazers beat the Thunder of OKC by 5. That was a pretty good game even though Russ and KD did not play.

The worst game of the night and most disappointing was my H-Town Rockets losing to the D-Town Mavs. NOOOOOO!!!! How do you let JJ Bay-Bay (Barea) score 27? This puts the Rockets in a tough spot. They need to win out and hope Utah loses 2 of there final 4 games to sneak into the eighth spot in the Western Conference playoffs.  We need more than Harden stepping up. Right now it does not look good.  Let's see what happens.

SPURS at WARRIORS tonight!!! Tune in my B-Ball fans.  Peace!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NBA GAMES March 30 2016

What up BALLERS!!!!!

Today the Hawks play the Raptors.That's a great game because they are 2 good teams in the East. Raptors are 2nd and Hawks 3rd. I'm going for the Hawks.The Nuggets play the Grizzlies. Will the Grizzlies win, I think so. They are 5th and the Nuggets are 10th.The Suns play the Bucks. Nobody cares about this game. Neither one will be in the playoffs. See ya next year. The Clippers play the Timberwolves. Clippers don't need this win but it's good practice and maybe some should rest. The Knicks play the Mavs. The Mavs need this win because they are struggling to make it in the playoffs with their Texan rivals the H-TOWN ROCKETS. Mavs got the 9th spot and Rockets 8th.The Warriors play the Jazz. Jazz is in the 7th on the West. I'm going for the Jazz.The Heat play the Lakers. Kobe and D-Wade will meet for the final time this season. I hope they give him a good farewell game. I hope Kobe shows up and shows out and reminds them why he's The BLACK MAMBA!