Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NBA GAMES November 30, 2016

Guys I'm back with Nba games after a Thanksgiving break Let's go!

Today the Kings play the 76ers.That's an alright game come on 76ers get this win. We will see.The Pistons play the Celtics.That's a good game my prediction is Celtics will win.The Grizzlies play Raptors.That's a great game Marc and DeRozan going at it my prediction is Grizzlies will win.The Wizards play OKC.Wall and Westbrook going at it and my prediction is OKC will win we will see.The Knicks play Timberwolves.That's a good game Knicks play Timberwolves again on Friday in New York play back to back against the Timberwolves my prediction is Knicks will win.The Pacers play Blazers.That's good game but no PG has a ankle injury my prediction is Pacers will win. Who got money on my predictions? Put it up!!!!

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