Wednesday, December 14, 2016

NBA GAMES December 14 2016

Christmas is almost coming up.Today the Raptors play 76ers.That's kind of a good game my prediction is 76ers will win.The Hornets play the Wizards.That's a great game Kemba and Wall going at it and my prediction is Wizards will win.The Clippers play Magic.Clippers will win.The Pacers play Heat.That's a good game my prediction is Pacers will win and finally theThe Cavs play Grizzlies.LBJ, Kyrie and Love are resting but Marc isn't. LOL!  Still a great game my prediction is Grizzlies will win at least they should.The Kings play the Rockets. Come on yall all ready know the Rocket will get that eight game winning streak tonight. LET'S GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys I'll see you after Christmas and New Year's Eve come check my blog soon. Leave a comment about your NBA season predictions or favs. PEACE!

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