Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NBA GAMES January 27, 2016

Wuz up NBA PEEPS! Did anybody see that double overtime last night between the Hornets and Kings. Man, Kemba closed it out for the Hornets.24 POINTS! What about dem Warriors? They are a real problem for the NBA. Can we just say they won 2015-2016 Finals and move on to the second runner ups. LOL! They are killin-first made a joke outta the Cavs and the Spurs, they looked old and gray. Washed up! They're an excellent team but when they are matched against the Warriors they looked pitiful. I actually like them too!

In other NBA News, today the Suns play the Cavs. You know who I'm routing for, Suns.The Nuggets play the Celtics.That's a good game I think the Celtics will win.The 76ers play the Pistons. Come on  76ers get 8-39 to win against the Pistons, my hometown, Philly, wuz goin on, SON!The Clippers play the Hawks.That's  a great game. ATL aren't as hot as last year. I think the Clippers will win this game. The Rockets play the Spurs.That's a great game. Timmy is not playing because he has a right knee injury. Come on Rockets get a four game winning streak with J-Smoove back in Houston.The Mavs play the Warriors. That's a good game, but who gon check them boo~ Who gon check them. come on Warriors be undefeated 3-0 but honestly I'm OK with the Mavs winning, we need some competition for this young, fresh team.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

NBA GAMES January 20 2016

Today the 76ers play the Magic. The Heat play the Wizards. I think the Wizards will close it out and get a win. The Cavs play the Nets.Come on BK get this win.  LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Jazz play the Knicks. Who do you guys think are gonna win Jazz or Knicks? I'm going for the Knicks to win.The Celtics play the Raptors. The Celtics will win. The Warriors play the Bulls. That's a good game I'm going for the Bulls to win.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

NBA GAMES January 13, 2016

Today the Hawks play the Hornets. Kemba Walker and Teague going at it I'm going for the Hornets for the win.The Bucks play the Wizards.I'm hoping the Wizards will close it out.The Knicks play the Nets. But Melo will not play because he has a right ankle injury. Come on BKshow NYCities who has the real NY state of mind. LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Pacers play the Celtics. I'm going for the Pacers. The Timberwolves play the Rockets. Come on Rockets get a five game winning streak LET'S GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Mavs play OKC. KD and Dirk or will it be Russ and Dirk--YEAH I SAID IT. KD bets to step it up. The Heat play the Clippers.Lob City Clipps shut it down and get this ten game winning streak.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NBA GAMES January 6 2016

First time I'm doing my blog in 2016.Today the Knicks play the Heat. Melo and D-Wade going at it I'm hoping the Knicks can get this win tonight. D-Wade is on some next stuff with the way he's been playing. LET'S GO KNICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get outta here Wade with that young boy playin stuff. The Pacers play the Magic. I'm going for the Pacers.The Cavs play the Wizards.Wall and Lebron going at it whodo you guys think will win, Cavs or Wizards. Im going for the Wizards to win.The Pistons play the Celtics. Jennings and Isaiah Thomas going at it  the Raptors play the Nets for first time this season.Come on BK get this win without Jack we will see. LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Grizzlies play the OKC.That's good game. KD is game-time decision with big toe injury. LOL! That sounds so funny. Will KD play or not? C'mon a big toe? I get but I think KD will play if not Russ West will have to be on the takeover. Get this win if he plays or not.