Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NBA GAMES January 6 2016

First time I'm doing my blog in 2016.Today the Knicks play the Heat. Melo and D-Wade going at it I'm hoping the Knicks can get this win tonight. D-Wade is on some next stuff with the way he's been playing. LET'S GO KNICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get outta here Wade with that young boy playin stuff. The Pacers play the Magic. I'm going for the Pacers.The Cavs play the Wizards.Wall and Lebron going at it whodo you guys think will win, Cavs or Wizards. Im going for the Wizards to win.The Pistons play the Celtics. Jennings and Isaiah Thomas going at it  the Raptors play the Nets for first time this season.Come on BK get this win without Jack we will see. LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Grizzlies play the OKC.That's good game. KD is game-time decision with big toe injury. LOL! That sounds so funny. Will KD play or not? C'mon a big toe? I get but I think KD will play if not Russ West will have to be on the takeover. Get this win if he plays or not.

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