Wednesday, January 13, 2016

NBA GAMES January 13, 2016

Today the Hawks play the Hornets. Kemba Walker and Teague going at it I'm going for the Hornets for the win.The Bucks play the Wizards.I'm hoping the Wizards will close it out.The Knicks play the Nets. But Melo will not play because he has a right ankle injury. Come on BKshow NYCities who has the real NY state of mind. LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Pacers play the Celtics. I'm going for the Pacers. The Timberwolves play the Rockets. Come on Rockets get a five game winning streak LET'S GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Mavs play OKC. KD and Dirk or will it be Russ and Dirk--YEAH I SAID IT. KD bets to step it up. The Heat play the Clippers.Lob City Clipps shut it down and get this ten game winning streak.

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