Monday, May 9, 2016

NBA Playoffs Second round May 9 2016

What's up my Nba guys. It's the second round! Everybody thinks the Cavs will win the Championship cuz they haven't one a game yet but I think the Warriors will win the Championship again like last year. Sorry!!!!!Raptors and Heat play today. Raptors will have to step up and beat the Heat 3-1 with Kyle and DeRozan to step up.Warriors and Blazers play today.Curry is questionable to play game 4 come with the Blazers They are tied up and the series up 2-1 without Curry. He needs to come back and murder these Blazers but he may just want to save it for the Finals. I'll see you guys in the Eastern and Western Conference Finals next week.   PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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