Wednesday, June 8, 2016


SOOoooooooooo.......what had happened was. My left hook ain't as good as my right hook so when they switch I gotta.....nah, What up guys. That game tho.....DANG!  I'm so unenthusiastic about the remainder of this series. TBH-I'm disgusted with what happened in Game 2. The Warriors didn't beat they SMASHED the Cavs, They are up 2-0 and it's the worst finals ever. The two best teams in the league and the Cavs just aren't showing up.It looks like the Warriors will win back to back championships.Ya think? Warriors and Cavs play today. Curry and Lebron going at it again -1. Kevin Love will not play in game 3 so they need to work extra hard and Lebron will carry it all on his shoulders. Will the Cavs show up in Game 3? Hopefully they don't go to 3-0 because then it will definitely be an early end of the finals.Lebron don't be scared of Iggy just take it to the hole. Let's see what he will do tonight. I'll see you next season Cavs. Or are you gonna show up for game 3? Time will tell.

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