Wednesday, October 26, 2016

NBA Predictions 2016-2017

NBA season is BAAAAAAack! Yesterday we watched the Knicks and Cavs and Spurs and Warriors. Cavs dogged the Knicks 117-88 and Spurs dogged the Warriors 129-100. UH oh is that a highlight of the finals Cavs and Spurs. IDK maybe. Spurs looking pretty good without Timmy. You guys ready for Nba Playoff Predictions in the Eastern Conference. Here it go 1.Cavs 2.Raptors 3.Pacers 4.Bulls 5.Knicks 6.Celtics 7.Pistons 8.Hawks

Western Conference 1.Warriors 2.Spurs 3.Clippers 4.Blazers 5.Grizzlies 6.Rockets 7.Jazz 8.Timberwolves These are my predictions this season and I am sticking to it.

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