Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NBA GAMES March 30 2016

What up BALLERS!!!!!

Today the Hawks play the Raptors.That's a great game because they are 2 good teams in the East. Raptors are 2nd and Hawks 3rd. I'm going for the Hawks.The Nuggets play the Grizzlies. Will the Grizzlies win, I think so. They are 5th and the Nuggets are 10th.The Suns play the Bucks. Nobody cares about this game. Neither one will be in the playoffs. See ya next year. The Clippers play the Timberwolves. Clippers don't need this win but it's good practice and maybe some should rest. The Knicks play the Mavs. The Mavs need this win because they are struggling to make it in the playoffs with their Texan rivals the H-TOWN ROCKETS. Mavs got the 9th spot and Rockets 8th.The Warriors play the Jazz. Jazz is in the 7th on the West. I'm going for the Jazz.The Heat play the Lakers. Kobe and D-Wade will meet for the final time this season. I hope they give him a good farewell game. I hope Kobe shows up and shows out and reminds them why he's The BLACK MAMBA!

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