Thursday, March 24, 2016

NBA GAMES March 23, 2016 LATE POST

The Hawks played the Wizards. The Hawks won putting them in the 3rd seed.  The Bucks played the Cavs and the Cavs closed it out..The Raptors played the Celtics and surprisingly the Celitcs gave them a good run closing it  91-79. The Magic played the Pistons.That was a good game but unfortunately Brandon Jennings took an L against his former team.The Knicks played the Bulls and the Knicks got the win. Making it their 2nd out of 3 wins facing the Bulls.Not enough to take them to the playoffs but a good game nonetheless. The Jazz played the Rockets and unfortunately a bad play by D-12 and Ariza costed them the L. The Clippers played the Warriors...... C'mon ya'll, you know what it is. See ya at the finals,Warriors. Late Post-but better late than neva!


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    1. Thanks for commenting. It's going to be a great season.