Friday, March 11, 2016

NBA GAMES March 10, 2016

Last night the Hawks lost to the Raptors. What a great game. This is a preview of a possible playoff series. Teague and Lowry were going at it. I thought the Hawks would win, but the Raptors have been playing well.  We will see if they meet in the playoffs. The Bulls played the Spurs with no Jimmy Butler. I guess you can figure out the outcome.  Although Butler was still out with the knee injury, the Bulls played a competitive game. Rose had 21. In the end, the Spurs are just a better team. One game that no one really cares about was the Suns and the Nuggets. If you tuned in, you saw a little bit of the future NBA. That kid Booker for the Suns got game. He scored 35 points. The other youngster Mudiay from the Nuggets had 30. These two are both talented. The last game of the night was Kobe and Lebron's last match-up in L.A. We all know who won (Cavs).  All I want to know is if you saw the alley-oop Lebron threw down with the left. WHOA!! Peace out all my NBA Fans.

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