Thursday, March 3, 2016

NBA GAMES March 3, 2016

Last night the Bulls lost to the Orlando Magic.  What is going on!!! The Bulls have a 4 game losing streak and it does not look good. They will meet the H-Town Rockets on Saturday at home. We will see what happens.  The Hornets beat my hometown 76ers. Come on Illadelph. Eagles suck, Sixers suck. WHY!!!  The Blazers lost to the Boston Celtics 116-93. I really thought the Blazers and D Lilliard would win. Raptors beat the Utah Jazz. With the Jazz losing that keeps the Rockets in eighth place in the playoff race. The Rockets had a huge comeback win against the Pelicans. The Rockets ended a two game losing streak. Hope this gets them back on right track. LET'S GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Lastly, can any body tell me what the @#*! happened to OKC last night? NIGHTMARES of the NIGHT!!!.

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