Thursday, April 7, 2016

NBA GAMES April 6 2016

What's up my b-ball fans!!   Just when you thought it would be easy, the Warriors get beat by the Timberwolves in overtime, 124-117.  WHAT!!!  What do you guys think? Warriors have 4 games left this season. Tonight they play the Spurs who look like they are smelling blood. Come on Warriors.  I need you to get to 73 wins.  This will be historical and I have something to debate with my Dad and his rantings about the '96 Bulls. I think the "DUBS" would beat '96 Bulls.  Make history GSW!!!

Last night the Pacers dogged the Cavs (without LBJ of course). Don't matter. it was a big win for the Pacers and PG13.  The Pistons beat the Magic and hold on to the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.  The Nets loss to the Wizards. WHY BK, WHYYYYY!!! My Nets are not in the Playoffs that's sucks.  We will see you next year. LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

In other games; The Pelicans loss to the "HOT" Celtics.  The Hornets beat up on the Knicks, and the  Blazers beat the Thunder of OKC by 5. That was a pretty good game even though Russ and KD did not play.

The worst game of the night and most disappointing was my H-Town Rockets losing to the D-Town Mavs. NOOOOOO!!!! How do you let JJ Bay-Bay (Barea) score 27? This puts the Rockets in a tough spot. They need to win out and hope Utah loses 2 of there final 4 games to sneak into the eighth spot in the Western Conference playoffs.  We need more than Harden stepping up. Right now it does not look good.  Let's see what happens.

SPURS at WARRIORS tonight!!! Tune in my B-Ball fans.  Peace!

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