Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NBA GAMES Countdown to the Playoffs

The Pacers play the Bulls Tonight.The rivals don't like each together which makes for an excellent game. I love when they go hard and fight but I think the Bulls will win.The Hawks play the Warriors.The two best teams going at it tonight.But the Warriors got this BaaaAAAABAAAY.  Klay Thompson has a hurts right ankle and will be out 7-10 days. Thats gonna be hard but the Warriors will still beat The Hawks in Golden State. The got the secret seasoning sauce-Steph Curry. The Nets play the Cavs. Nets are trying to make the playoff race. Nets will try to beat the Cavs but this will be a hard one because somebody has to stop Lebron and Kyrie. COME ON BK!!!!!!!!!! Win this game and they will have a three game winning streak. Spurs play the Bucks.The Blazers play the Heat-Damian Lillard and D-Wade, thats a good matchup. Blazers gonna win tho, That Lillard kid ain't on the cover of SLAM magazine for no reason. Fit it or quit it!!! The countdown begins.

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