Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NBA GAMES March 11 2015


Today the Clippers play the OKC. Russell Westbrook and CP3 great point guard matchup I think OKC will win against the Clippers.


The Rockets play the Blazers.James Harden and Damian Lillard  great matchup but no Wes Matthews.  He got injured tearing his left Achilles-bad news for the Blazers fans and he's out for the season. SORRY Wes Matthews see you next season and stay healthy. SO whose gonna stop James Harden without Matthews?  UUUuuuh, NO ONE!

The Nets play the Heat today.Nets are not in the Playoffs but they have a chance if they beat the Heat. COME ON BK! The Kings play the Hornets.Hornets are trying to make the playoffs this year; they're in the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference and Kemba Walker is back in the lineup.

The Hawks play the Nuggets.I think the Hawks will have a two game winning streak tonight and with 51 wins and 13 losses this season, whose going against me. The Grizzlies play the Celtics. Jeff Green is going against his former team. Grizzlies will have a two game winning streak tonight.The Warriors play the Pistons.The Warriors will have a five game winning streak I think so, cuz THIS IS MY BLOG. See you guys PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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