Thursday, July 9, 2015


Alot of  new moves going around in the NBA this free agency season. The craziest has to be the De'Andre Jordan situation. The Mavs just went from a playoff contending Team to a possible lottery team. "What duh!!'' I guess the Clipps got to Jordan's house first. WOW!!!

In other free agency moves, Mo Williams is going back to the Cavs. I'm sure Lebron is pleased. They have some history and did a lot of good things when they played together before.

David Lee got traded to Celtics for Gerald "Crash" Wallace. Crash is happy he is going to the Defending Champs Warriors with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. I'm putting my money on the Warriors to do it again.

Aaron Brooks returning to the Bulls next season on a one year deal. Wonder if the Bulls gonna make the playoffs next season without "Thibs" as head coach. Fred Hoiberg is a good replacement but we will see how good they will be in his first year. I think they will make the playoffs.

D-West going to the Spurs with Timmy, Lamarcus Aldridge (L.A.), Tony Parker and Ginobili.  That will be a great team next season. They are gearing up to go against the Warriors. D-West will be good with the Spurs. I'm sure L.A. is happy to be in his homestate Texas.

Today Wes Johnson going to the Clippers. Thats good he's going to a good team and he doesn't have to move. :) Wes Johnson will come off the bench behind Pierce who's in the starting for the Clippers (maybe).

There are still a lot of key players that have not signed yet. (Josh Smith, J.R. Smith, Carlos Boozer,etc.) There is a lot more to come. Get your popcorn ready!!!

THIS JUST IN, Lebron signs a 2-year $48 mil. with the option to opt out at the end of the season to stay with the Cavs. We will see the first $200 million dollar contract next season!!!

Catch on the Rebound!!! PEACE

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