Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Updates and signs

What's up all my "Slam" fans. I know I have been missing for a while. I been on summer vacation.I'm back and so is the NBA. Almost.But Slam fans we got something to get a little excited about. Today the 2015-16 NBA Schedule will be released on NBA TV at 5pm.Yes baabay!!! A little something to get hyped up about.Who's will play Opening night? What about  Christmas day? Will it be the Warriors and Cavs? Maybe the Clipps and Mavs. Can't wait to see DeAndre play in Dallas. BOO BOO  BOO!!! Can't forget MLK Day on ESPN. we will see all this later tonight

There were a few free agency moves that are very interesting to me.One of them is Richard Jefferson to the Cavs.I think that's a good pick up for Cleveland. "RJ" will get important minutes behind Lebron. He's still a good defender. I'm sure Cavs fans will be happy to have him.

Jeremy Lin is on the Hornets with Kemba and Big AL.That should be good for them.You think they will be in the Playoff hunt? Maybe.

Chuck Hayes is going back to H-Town.  I'm happy he's back in Houston.I always liked the "Chuck Wagon".  Lets go Rockets. Can't forget Ty Lawson to the Rockets. Lawson will be taking  Patrick Beverley's starting spot. I think Lawson will have a great season with the Rockets.As long as he doesn't get any more DUEY's (DUI's).

Monta Ellis is going to the Pacers. Can't wait to see him get busy with PG-13. That should help the Pacers make the playoffs. We will see.

See you on the Blacktop! PEACE!!!

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