Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NBA SEASON 2015-16

What's up all my PEEEPOLE!!! The NBA season is almost here. It has been too long of a wait. I NEED MY B-Ball!!! The preseason starts October 2 with the Clippers versus the Denver Nuggets in Los Angeles. Will Pierce, Lance, Josh, and Prigioni make their Clipps debut? Lets see what they do.

There is so much to wait for. As far as my prediction for MVP, James Harden will bring home the hardware in 2015-16. I'm confident the "Beard" will get it. Write it down!

Will KD help the Thunder get back to the playoffs this season? I think so. Will my 'BK' Nets make the playoffs?

Will D-Rose stay healthy this season and play all 82 games? NBA season is almost here. I can't wait. LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'll see you at tip-off!! PEACE!!.

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