Wednesday, November 11, 2015

NBA GAMES November 11 2015

Today the Warriors play the Grizzlies.That's going to be a great game. Last time Warriors smashed the Grizzlies 119-69.I hope the Grizzlies can beat the Warriors and give them the first loss of the season.Not that I have anything against the Warriors, I just want to see who can break the undefeated team this season.The Clippers play the Mavs. CP3 and Dirk are going at it but I'm going for the Lob City Clips. I think the Clippers will win this one.The Pelicans play the Hawks but no AD. I hope they won't get swept by the Hawks 2-0.The Nets play the Rockets. BK is 0-7 What's going on BK? I'm going for both of them because BK needs a W and H-town is my hometeam. I'm happy either way. The Spurs play the Blazers.LA going against his former team. Do you think the Blazers fans will boo him or nah? I say nah. But who knows. I'm going for the Blazers either way.NBA GAMES Starts NOW!!!!

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