Friday, November 6, 2015


Whats Up B-Ball fanatics!!  Friday night is here and we have some good match-ups ahead. First up the ATL Hawks play the  N.O. Pelicans.  Good game. The Hawks are 5-1 and the Pelicans 0-4. I'm rooting for AD and the Pels to get their first win of the season.

 The Heat and the Pacers. A few years ago this was a real big game (Remember how Granger hated LBJ). I think the Pacers will pull this out and have a three game winning streak.  PG-13 against D-Wade. Let's see what happens.

The Bucks play the Knicks. Rematch Time. Last time they met, the Knicks dogged the Bucks in season opener 122-97. That was without the "Greek Freak" (1 game suspension from last year). I'm going for the NYC Knickerbockers!!

  The Lakers play the Nets in BK. 2 defeated teams; LA 0-4, BK 0-5, Got to go with my boys!!!! BK will get the first win of the season. Let's Go BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, the H-Town Rockets play the Sac-Town Kings with no D-12, Beverley and T-Jones. I really hope "Boogie" Cousins doesn't play. If he does; B-BQ Chicken Buffet!!  I think the Rockets will win and continue their win streak of 3 games.  Peace, I'm out!!!

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