Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NBA GAMES November 18 2015

Today the Blazers play the Rockets and today the Rockets fired Kevin McHale. That sucks J.B. Bickerstaff will take over as interim head coach. The Blazers have a six game losing streak and the Rockets have a four game losing streak. Whose going to break first? I think the Rockets will win and end a four game losing streak tonight. Let's see if losing Mchale makes the difference. We shall see. Lets go ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.The Nets play the Hornets.They playing right now in fact. I think the Nets will win again and get a two game winning streak. The Mavs play the Celtics I'm going for the Mavs and I think the Mavs will win and get a five game winning streak.The Pelicans play the OKC. No AD and no KD I'm going for OKC come on Russ show your stuff. The Bulls play the Suns. Thats a good game D-Rose its not playing though, he has a sprained left ankle but still I think the Bulls will win and get a four game winning streak without D-Rose.

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