Wednesday, December 16, 2015

NBA GAMES December 16, 2015

Today the Mavs play the Pacers. It's the first meeting between the Mavs and Pacers. The Heat play the Nets. LET'S GO BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Timberwolves play the Knicks.  KG and Melo going at it. The 76ers play the Hawks.The 76ers have 1-25 record. Come on Philly, my hometown come end the seven game losing streak and 2-25 we will see.The Grizzlies play the Bulls. Marc and Pau Gasol bothers going at it. Let's go Bulls. But what's all this talk about Rose?  HUH? I can't hear you. Don't nobody talk about my D-Rose. The Suns play the Warriors. Last Saturday the Bucks ended the Warriors 28 game winning streak and the Warriors will turn things around to go on another 28 game winning streak. Come on Warriors. Show them what you working with!

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