Tuesday, June 2, 2015


The Cavs play the Warriors on Thursday. I believe the Cavs will win 4-3 over the Warriors. Lebron and Steph  both MVP candiates but only one returning finals champion. Cavs need to be aware of the Splash Brothers because they will be in full effect. Kyrie has to guard Steph and hopefully no one's ankles will get broke.  Cavs will win the title and beat the Warriors in 7 but we will see. Let's see if my prediction will be right. I've been struggling lately. ARE YOU READY FOR THE NBA FINALS, IF YOU AIN'T UP, it's time EVERYBODY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Showdown on fight night-Thursday night. Will Lebron get his third Championship and bring it to his home. Let's GOOOOOOO!

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