Thursday, May 15, 2014

The NBA Updates and the Nba Games May 15, 2014

Unfortunately, yesterday the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Heat in Miami and the Brooklyn Nets are going to the house. (I'm sick of this team-THE HEAT!) The Heat advance to the Eastern Conference Finals to face either the Pacers or Wizards.Thats sucks that the Brooklyn Nets lost. But did you see that bad call the refs made AGAIN-costing THE NETS the game. They know they fouled my boy. Paul Pierce was red-eyed at the post game and I nearly cried myself. Some questions to ask-Will The Truth be welcomed back for another year or will him and KG do a duo-grand, "best liked EVER in the NBA," FAREWELL. THE TRUTH be told, I would love for him to return to THE NETS next year- he gave the team the veteran attitude and spirit that got them this far. Without him, it will take time and effort and no guarantee of a championship; in fact highly unlikely the first year anyway. But with Brook Lopez getting healthier for next season, I think the same squad, as is, will help the Brooklyn Nets win the Championship.

Yesterday, the Detroit Pistons hired Stan Van Gundy, as coach and as their president. Also, the Warriors hired Steve Kerr as coach, and gave him a  five year deal, after Mark Jackson got fired last week. That's just plain dirty. MJ built that team; but ok, let's see what Kerr can bring to the Golden State.

Today, the Indiana Pacers play the Washington Wizards in Washington.  If the Pacers beat the Wizards in game 6, 4-2 they will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, to face the Heat. If the Pacers beat the Wizards in game 6 this will be my only prediction that would be right, 4-2 series.

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