Tuesday, September 23, 2014


NBA training camp is coming up next week. Last week JJ Hickson got suspended for five games for violating the NBA drug policy. What the heck!!!  Whats up with that JJ? Come on man. The NBA season is almost here.  I'm excited about that. My Brooklyn Nets are going to the playoffs this season.  Last month Paul George broke his leg while playing for Team USA and will be out this season.  Too bad Pacer fans.  See you next year PG-13.

Will the Knicks be good this season or will they struggle again. And the biggest surprise over the off season was the return of the King to Cleavland.  Lebron James, more than likely, will help take the Cavs to the playoffs. This is going to be exciting.


  1. Really JJ, you got all that money and you waste it on drugs. Think about all those who don't have...

  2. That's a waste of money. Thanks for commenting. Share the love-allaboutslam.blogspot.com