Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NBA GAMES February 11, 2015

Today the Wizards play the Raptors. I like the Wizards and hope they can beat the dinosaurs. The Wizards will be minus 1 with Bradley Beal being out with a stress reaction. Wait, is that right? Stress reaction? Is this brother going crazy? Nah he has a problem with his lower right fibula which will be reassessed after the ALL STAR BREAK?? Hmmm. OK.

The Rockets play the Clippers.Rockets might win but the Clippers don't have Blake Griffin he had surgery on his right elbow and will be re-evaluated in 3 weeks sorry Clippers fans. The Spurs play the Pistons tonight without Jennings.Grizzlies play the Thunder, ooooooweeee that's a good game. The Thunder will try to get a three game winning streak and I think they'll do it. And finally the Heat play the Cavs. Lebron is going against his former team Cavs are looking good and are trying for their two game winning streak but minus his BFF, D-WADE. ARE YOU REAAAAAAADY? Everybody UP!!!!

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