Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The Spurs play the Cavaliers tonight and I think the Spurs will win this game.The Hornets are playing the Pacers tonight and Lance Stephenson will be returning to Indiana for the first time since he left the Pacers last summer.The Rockets play the Lakers tonight. Last month Kobe and D12 got into it and Kobe call D12 soft. Let's see who will be serving soft TONIGHT!


  1. Replies
    1. Spurs, Pacers, Lakers all came out with a W. I can't believe the Lakers beat my Rockets. And my BK DOUBLE Brooklyn Nets lost to the Bucks. C'mon BK, get ya weight up-SON!

  2. Are you surprised to see Kobe playing as good as he is? I wonder why he wouldn't want to be traded.

    1. He's supposed to play good, he's the Black Mamba. He's a great player, but the Lakers are still trying to catch up. He won't ever leave because he wants to end his career with the team that has given him the most championships. LA owns Kobe.