Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Yesterday I went to the Rockets and Knicks game. It was exciting going to my first game of the season. Of course, the Rockets beat the Knicks 91-86. Sorry Knicks, not in Houston. I had a great night and it was even better that Houston's MVP James Harden scored 36 points on the Knickerbockers.

 Tonight the Hawks play the Wizards.That's a good game but I think the Wizards will pull this win.The Bulls play the Nuggets tonight and my hopes are that the Bulls will have no trouble. With D-Rose back I don't expect it to be difficult. The Warriors play the Heat tonight and I'm banking on the Splash Brothers.Lastly, the Pelicans and the Kings play tonight. Are you reaaaaaaadaaaaaayyyyy?


  1. Yeah I saw it. He said, Steph Curry is on fire. All I can say is "that kid."

  2. Sorry, I deleted your comment by accident. I'm not talkin to myself

  3. Isaiah Thomas said when your'e that hot, forget humble about Steph Curry