Monday, May 4, 2015


What up, what up, WHAT UP!!!! Semi-Finals have begun. Today the Bulls play the Cavs. This is going to be a great series. D-Rose matched up with Kyrie, WOW! My Prediction is the Bulls will win in 7. but we They really need to get this game 1 opener because they don't have Kevin Love and J.R. Smith. They actually need to win both games. We will see. Let's go Chi TOWN!

Steph Curry earns the MVP today but I'm a little upset that James Harden did not win. Steph Curry is the best 3 point shooter but  James had an awesome season without D-12. But great job Steph, you earned it.

The Rockets play the Clippers today. Let's go H-town. Rockets got this covered in 7. CP3 is a game-time decision. After his hamstring injury in game 7 of Spurs matchup. What a performance. Got a pass from me tonight CP3. If he doesn't play, Austin Rivers will
start in the lineup.

Tomorrow the Wizards play the Hawks in game 2. Wizards beat the Hawks game 1 and my Prediction is the Wizards will win in 6. If the Wizards win a 2-0 lead they winning the series. Tomorrow The Grizzlies play the Warriors in game 2. Not looking too good Grizz.  Warriors will win 4-3. Warriors will go to the Western Conference Finals. Conley hopes to play game 2 against the Warriors buwith the face injury, I don't know? IT'S PLAYOFF TIME Y'ALL.  EVERYBODY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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