Wednesday, May 13, 2015


WHAT UP ALL MY B-BALL FANATICS!!  King Ranks back with another NBA Playoffs update. Let's get this started!!! NAH MEAN!!!( for all my hometown Philly bo's)

Today the Wizards play the Hawks. John Wall is questionable to play in Game 5. If Wall is not healthy and doesn't play, it's gonna be a hard one for the WIZZERDZ. My prediction is the Wizards will win 4-2 over Hawks. I would love to see the WIZZERDZ in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Grizzlies play the Warriors tonight. Warriors trying to go up 3-2 over the Grizzelz and advance to the Western Conference Final. Steph Curry is a problem, a major problem considering what he did on Monday. WHEW!!! That kid Steph!!!  He's a shooter but the Grizzlies can stop him. They need to get more physical with him. First they need to catch him. BEEP BEEP!!! My prediction is the Warriors will win 4-3.

Yesterday The Rockets dogged the Clippers 103-124. Lets go Rockets!!! Let's get another win in Game 6 tomorrow in Los Angeles and force a Game 7 on Sunday. I'm staying with my original prediction.  Rockets will win 4-3. That's right I said it. Don't laugh, I can hear y'all. Lets see if I am right.

Yesterday the Cavs beat the Bulls 101-106. Come on Bulls!!! CHI-TOWN is counting on you!!! They are in a must win Game 6 at home tomorrow.  Lets go Bulls!!  D-Rose show up and get the Bulls a win and force a Game 7 on Sunday. Joakim, where you at son!!! My prediction, Bulls will win in 7. Thats right I said it again. I HEAR YOU LAUGHING!!! You gonna cry when you get home.


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