Monday, April 14, 2014

NBA PLAYOFFS starts this Saturday

The Brooklyn Nets have two games to go before the playoffs; one against the New York Knicks tomorrow and the other against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday. The Indiana Pacers have one game left against the Orlando Magic before the playoffs. The Knicks are out of the playoffs. Sorry Phil, see you next time. Do you think the Knicks will be better next year? I do. They went to the conference semi finals last year. Will Carmelo be back? He is a free agent this summer. Who's got the most dough. Houston looks like a good spot. Chicago even better. Or maybe stay in the Big Apple.  We will see this summer.

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Miami Heat on Saturday. Do you think they did that on purpose? Hmm. Inquiring minds want to know. Atlanta Hawks are now in the eighth seed of the playoffs and will play either the Indiana Pacers or the Miami Heat in the first round. We are ready for the playoffs baby!!!!  Can't wait!!!