Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Some of my predictions are wrong. It's the good ole' playoffs. Pacers lost to the Hawks yesterday in game 5 in Indiana it was 3-2 series and the Pacers play the Hawks in game 6 on Thursday. The Pacers need the win in game 6 so badly or all of that hard work is gone to waste.T he Portland Trial Blazers play the Houston Rockets tomorrow in game 5 in Houston. The Houston Rockets need a win game 5 and game 6 in Portland to be a 3-3 series or they are off to the house.The Brooklyn Nets play the Toronto Raptors tomorrow and its the 2-2 series. This is the only prediction that is still accurate.  C'mon Brooklyn. So far, it's not looking good for the playoffs.-The Wizards, The Hawks-who would've thunk it!

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