Friday, April 18, 2014

The nba playoffs 2014 predictions

It is finally here. What we all have been waiting for.  The reason why they play the regular season. IT'S PLAYOFF TIME BAY-BAY!!!! There are some great match up's this year. Old time friends and some new members. Some of the standards are not here this year (umm let's see, Knicks, Lakers, and Celtics). Regardless this is the best time of the season. Here are my first round predictions.

The Indiana Pacers play the Atlanta Hawks in game 1 in Indiana on Saturday. My prediction; Pacers win series 4-1. The Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors on Saturday at 11:30.Thats gonna be a good series!!! Brooklyn Nets win; 4-3 series. BROOOOKLYYYYN!!! The Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. The San Antonio Spurs will win the series 4-1.  The Houston Rockets play the Portland Trail Blazers in Houston on Sunday. This will be another great series, but Rockets will win; 4-2 series. Let's go H-Town!!!

The Memphis Grizzlies play the Oklahoma City Thunder. OKC will beat the Grizzlies in a 4-2 series. The Golden State Warriors play the Los Angeles Clippers. Thats gonna be a great series als. These two teams have a little bad blood between them. Lob City Clips will beat the Warriors and the Splash Bros. in a 4-2 series. Sorry Warriors no good without Bogut in the middle.

The Chicago Bulls play the Washington Wizards. Bulls will beat the Washington Wizards in a 4-3 series. I wish D-Rose was here. And lastly our defending "chumps", oops I mean Champs play the Charlotte Bobcats. "Big Al" is gonna do some work, but it won't be enough for the BIG 2 and a Half. Miami will win a 4-1 series.

There you have it. No sweeps this round. See you Round 2!!!!   I'm out!

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