Wednesday, May 31, 2017

NBA Finals 2017 predictions Cavs vs. Warriors

What's up guys! I'm back with the 2017 finals prediction with a rematch from last year Warriors and Cavs. The Warriors are undefeated in  the playoffs never lost 1 game, so you know what that's gonna be, a great nba finals matchup.The Cavs play the Warriors on Thursday in Golden State. My prediction is Warriors will win in 6 to win the Championship of 2017. Two years meeting the same team can't make the same mistakes. Warriors won the Championship in 2015 and Cavs won the Championship in 2016 and this year to break the record my prediction is THE WARRIORS- BABY! Who do you think will win Game 1?Who do you want to win the Championship? Warriors or Cavs? But who do you think WILL win, there's a difference. LBJ and KD going at it!!!! Cause that's what the real matchup is left to. Can KD alter the finals matchup for good? Will the Cavs have to make some adjustments for next year?  Yeah, I'm bankin on that win, y'all. Check out my blog later and COMMENT AND FOLLOW so we can discuss this thoroughly. I'll see you guys  after they announce who wins the Championship.

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