Wednesday, May 24, 2017

NBA GAMES Tomorrow May 25 2017 CAVS OR CELTICS?

NBA Finals start by next Thursday!!!!!! Warriors will face the Cavs for the finals rematch from last year when Kyrie hit the big shot and gave the Cavs the win for the first Championship.Tomorrow the Cavs play the Celtics in Game 5. It's not as easy as the Cavs thought. The Celtics are not laying down or maybe the Cavs have an ulterior motive in letting the Warriors get cold...hmmmmmm.  But if this is a repeat of last year since the Cavs finished early last year, maybe this will fair well for the Warriors and it jus mayt get them the DUB! That's going to be a great series, u nless of course the Celtics win and that will be an NBA SHOCKER! But we all know the Cavs will win in 6 but we will see.Who do you guys think the Warriors will face in the NBA Finals, Cavs or Celtics?

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  1. This series is over tonite!!! Cavs better wake up, the Warriors are waiting, resting patiently like hungry lions.