Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Relentless from Good to Great to Unstoppable

  Do you want to be unstoppable at what you do?  If so, I have a great book for you.  "Relentless" is a great book written by Tim S. Grover. Grover is a basketball trainer. The book is about  what it takes to be unstoppable.  How to keep going when everyone else is giving up, thriving under pressure, and never letting your emotions make you weak. Grover trained greatest basketball players ever; Kobe Bryant, D-Wade, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.  He writes about some of the challenges they had and how they always fought thru it to be relentless.  Kobe got a concussion in the 2012 All-Star Game, D-Wade had knee issues before the 2012 NBA Finals, MJ retired after the 1993 NBA Finals then he played baseball only to return basketball in two years.  Barkley threw a guy through a plate-glass window.... well that was personal.  The book looks into the mind of Grover and how you need to be to become the best in whatever you do.This not just a basketball book.  To be "relentless" you have to keep pushing yourself harder when everyone else has had enough.  You get into the zone shut out everything else, and control the uncontrollable. You know exactly who you are. You have a dark side that refuses to be taught to be good.  This is a great read. I would suggest it for anyone.

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