Tuesday, May 16, 2017


It's my blog and I say what I want about the Nba playoffs predictions in the Western Conference Finals. The Wizards lost to the Celtics in Game 7. They lost because Wizards had too many turnovers. John Wall had 18 points Bradley Beal 38 points.The big surprise was Olynyk who had 26 points. Celtics and the Cavs play on Wednesday. The Spurs play Warriors.Kawhi Leonard will not play in Game 2. My prediction is Warriors will win in seven we will see.What do guys think? Do you think the Spurs have a chance?  Is it the players or the coach that determines the win? Like my blogb and follow for upcoming details. Honestly, I think theWarriors will win the Championship this year. Sorry Cavs fans. KD will help them get the win. That's my prediction. Whose coming with me? Do you want the Cavs to win again?  I'll see you with my predictions update in the Nba Finals.


  1. The players always win, not the coach. Coach can give you a strategy but the players have to be able to execute. No Kawhi,no dice. Outta here

    1. That may be true in the current situation since Cavs fans can obviously see who is the coach of that team, and it's not Tyrone Lue. With much respect to the championship team, the fact is obvious, LBJ is still a player. But if we take a look at honest serial championship teams, the likes of THE BULLS and THE LAKERS, most opposing teams were out-coached. I know Pop is an outstanding coach yet he was unable to devise a plan to help his team be successful this season without Kawhi. I'm shocked! I counted him as one of the better coaches left in the NBA that actually still respectfully coaches his team. The players do win games but a damn good coach, can be a cleaner!